2018 DEAPA Conference Logo Design Contest Information


The next DE APA Regional Conference will be in October 2018. One of the items needed in preparation for the event is a custom logo. Accordingly, the Chapter is organizing a design contest open to all those receiving emails from the Chapter (except for members of the Conference Committee). What follows is detailed information on the contest.

Submission Information

Submission to be via EMAIL.

Submission to include full identification and contact information for the person submitting the entry as well as a minimum of 2 attached images (one in Color, one in Black and White). Images must be in the .jpg file format and should be sized to fit within typical email attachment limits (typically 2 MB per image). Note that the winning logo needs to be supplied at double the letter logo size shown below and at a resolution of at least 300 DPI. Details to be negotiated between the winner and conference manager.

Submission Deadline: February 15, 2018.

Contest is not open to those DEAPA Conference Committee members who will be selecting the winning entry.

Conference Information

Conference Location: Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

Conference Dates: Tuesday and Wednesday, October 23-24, 2018.

Conference Title: DE APA 2018 Regional Conference.

Conference Theme: Planning 360: Economy, Environment and Health Sessions can cover a broad range of topics related to technological advances and their impacts on infrastructure planning, design, operations, and management related to the theme. Subjects may include, but are not limited to, the following: Economic Development, Environmental Quality, Public Health, Communication.

Design Considerations

The official Delaware APA logo is shown below. The color is Pantone #634 (web #00667F).

The Logo should remain legible when reduced to letterhead size (see logos from previous conferences below) as well as when viewed from a distance such as for posters.

The Logo should be easily adaptable to horizontal or vertical display. Horizontal typically used for web pages, letterhead, etc. Vertical used for conference program (Sample attached). Alternatively, both horizontal and vertical design variations can be submitted.

The B+W image is for potential use in silk-screening carry bags, etc

Logo should relate to conference theme.

Logo does not have to convey all details – it is usually accompanied by text giving other information about the conference.

Design should not depend on color for legibility – B&W version should be equally as legible as color.

Higher quality artwork for the images shown below as well as other related materials are available. Contact the conference manager using the email link above for more information.

Address questions, comments, suggestions etc. to the above email address.

Judging and prizes

Design evaluation by Conference Committee will be based on originality, suitability for intended uses, and relation to conference theme and location.

The winner receives identification in conference program and bragging rights as well as one free 2-day conference registration.

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